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Rachel Knight
Research staff
01223 766 166
CBSU publications
LONGLEY, B., DERCON, Q., Phillips, V., Funk, J., GORMLEY, S., KNIGHT, R. , SMITH, AL.J., DALGLEISH, R. (In Press) When do acute augmentations boost the efficacy of psychological therapy? A transdiagnostic meta-analysis , Nature Mental Health [Read More]

BENNETT, M.P., KNIGHT, R. , DUNNING, D., ARCHER-BOYD, A., Blakemore, S-J., DALMAIJER, E., Ford, T., Williams, J.M.G., Clegg, H., Kuyken, W., So, T., Wright, G., Lenaert, B., VAINRE, M., WATSON, P., MYRIAD team & DALGLEISH, T. (2022) Protocol for a randomized controlled trial investigating an intervention to boost decentering in response to distressing mental experiences during adolescence: The Decentering in Adolescence Study (DECADES), BMJ Open, 30 Mar 2022, 12(3):e056864 [Open Access]