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Marius Mada
Lead Radiographer
01223 767534
Programme Leader: Marta Correia
CBSU publications
Bruna, Ricardo., Vaghari, D., GREVE, A., COOPER, E., MADA, M. A. and HENSON, R.N. (2022) Modified MRI anonymization (de-facing) for improved MEG coregistration, Bioengineering, 9(10):591 [Open Access]

Veenith, T.V., Carter, E.L., Grossac, J., Newcombe, V.F., Outtrim, J.G., Sridhar Nallapareddy, S., Lupson, V., CORREIA, M.M., Mada, M. M., Williams, G.B., Menon, D.K., and Coles, J.P. (2014) Use of diffusion tensor imaging to assess the impact of normobaric hyperoxia within at-risk pericontusional tissue after traumatic brain injury, Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 34(10), 1622-1627 [Open Access]