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Jade Jackson
Research staff
01223 766 166

I use a combination of neurostimulation (TMS) and neuroimaging (fMRI/MEG) techniques to investigate selective attention in the human brain. My previous work has focused on how and where task-relevant information comes to be prioritised in the brain (Jackson et al. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 2017Jackson et al. Cortex, 2018), and the causal influence of disrupting this prioritisation on information coding across the brain (Jackson et al., Communications Biology, 2021). My current projects involve disentangling the relationship between enhancement vs inhibition using fMRI-MVPA, using concurrent TMS-fMRI to causally link information coding to behaviour, and improving methodological aspects of TMS-fMRI. 

For further information visit my web page or our lab website:


Methods day 2019: The promise and challenges of concurrent TMS-fMRI


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CBSU publications
WOOLGAR, A., Jackson, J. B. (2018) Adaptive Coding in the human brain: Distinct object features are encoded by overlapping voxels in frontoparietal cortex, Cortex, 108:25-34 [Open Access]

Woolgar, A., Jackson, J. , & DUNCAN, J. (2016) Coding of visual, auditory, rule and response information in the brain: 10 years of multi-voxel pattern analysis, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 218, 1433-1454 [Read More]