People with a brain injury, such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, or a brain tumour, can experience lowered activity levels such as reduced working hours, less time spent with friends or on hobbies, or may be less able to do things they normally would. There are good reasons for this, such as increased fatigue, low motivation, and cognitive difficulties, but too much of a decrease in activity level can lead to feelings of low mood and depression. This study, by MRC CBU Researchers and colleagues, outline two groups designed to increase activity level – one focused on training people with a brain injury to plan in enjoyable activities beyond the group, and the other focused on directly engaging in enjoyable activities within the group. We aim to collect information on feasibility (can we recruit the numbers needed?) and acceptability (do people find the groups useful?), and hopefully we can provide some insight into what ways are best to increase activity level in people with a brain injury in order to sustain wellbeing.

The full paper can be read here: