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A French validation of a questionnaire assessing abstract-analytic and concrete experiential repetitive thoughts. [Validation en langue française d'un questionnaire évaluant les pensées répétitives abstraites- analytiques et concrètes-expérientielles]
Douilliez, C., Heeren, A., Lefevre, N., Watkins, E., BARNARD, P., & Philippot, P
Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science [Revue canadienne des sciences du comportement] 46(2), 185-192
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This article presents the adaptation and the validation of a short self-report questionnaire assessing repetitive thinking, the Mini Cambridge-Exeter Repetitive Thought Scale (Mini-CERTS). This 16 item scale evaluates two dimensions of repetitive thinking: “concrete, experiential thinking” (CET) and “abstract, analytical thinking” (AAT) that may have constructive and unconstructive consequences. A large sample of adult volunteers (n = 247) filled in the Mini-CERTS. Subsamples also responded to depression, anxiety and general symptomatology questionnaires as well as to a concurrent measure, the Ruminative Response Scale. Confirmatory factor analysis ascertained the two-dimension structure of the questionnaire. Correlational analyses evidenced differentiated patterns of relation between CET and AAT and anxiety, depression and general symptomatology scales. AAT was correlated to the brooding scale of the RRS but there was no relation between CET and both scales of the RRS. Preliminary data suggest that the Mini-CERTS is sensitive to clinical status and treatment.