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Interactions of language and actions (Poster)
PULVERMULLER, F., HAUK, O., SHTYROV, Y., JOHNSRUDE, I., Nikulin, V. & Ilmoniemi, R.J.
In: Society for Psychophysiological Research, Abstracts of the 43rd Annual Meeting, Psychophysiology 40: supplement 1, S70, Chicago, USA, Oct 2003.
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The poster presents data about the cortical processing of action words obtained with multimodal imaging techniques. EEG recordings and minimum norm current estimates indicated a differential localisation for semantic action word types in fronto-central cortical areas. MEG results demonstrated neurophysiological differences between single spoken words referring to actions performed with different body parts. FMRI results showed that the cortical differences obtained between action word subtypes resemble those seen between the actions the words refer to. TMS data indicate that stimulation of the respective areas specifically modulates the processing of action word categories. The results support a neurobiological model of language according to which words and actions are interwoven at the cortical level.