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Macrotheory for Systems of Interactors
BARNARD, P.J., May. J. Duke, D. & Duce, D.
In J.M. Carroll (Ed.) Human-Computer Interaction in the New Millenium. Reading MA: Boston: Addison-Wesley Chapter 2, 31-52
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This chapter is a shortened version of a lopnger journal article (4064). It proposes a general four component theoretical framework for modelling the behaviour of complex systems. The approach is illustrated here for modelling the behaviour of a modular mental architecture (Interacting Cognitive Subsystems), for indiviudals interacting with everyday artifacts, and for interactions in groups and larger organisations. Within the framework principles concerning the behaviour of any class of generic "interactor" (anything that interacts in a system), is in principle mathematically formalisable using recent "formal methods" developed in computer science.Such formalisations can be used to "prove" that a claim follows from a theoretical formulation without requiring a running simulation.