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Vowels, consonants and lexical activation
Cutler, A., van Ooijen, B. & Norris, D.
in J.J. Chala, Y. Hasegawa, M. Chala, D. Granville, & A.C. Bailey (Eds.), Procedings of the 14th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS). Vol3 (pp. 2053-2056). Berkeley: UC Berekeley, Dept of Linguitsics
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In an experiment in English listeners heard non-words (e.g. cumel) and then performed lexical decision on visual strings. RT was compared for words which mismatched the non-words by a single vowel or consonant (e.g. camel, cuddle). RTs for vowel and consonant mismatching words differed by less than 10ms. A second experiment in Dutch with similarly constructed stimuli employed a continuous auditory lexical decision task. The prime could be separated from the target by 0,1 2 or 3 intervening items. Both consonant and vowel mismatch primes produced significant facilitation, but only when the prime followed the target immediately. Minimally mismatching stimuli appear to produce facilitation, but the facilitation is short-lived and is effective only within the auditory modality