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“Patterns of paralexia” revisited: Report of a case of visual dyslexia.
LAMBON RALPH, M.A. & Ellis, A.W.
Cognitive Neuropsychology, 14, 953-974.
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Marshall and Newcombe (1973) described three forms of acquired dyslexia. Two of them (surface and deep dyslexia) have been the subject of much subsequent discussion, but the third (visual dyslexia) has largely been ignored. We report the case of patient AB, who misread over 40% of words presented to her. The vast majority of her errors bore a close visual similarity to the target words. We presented a detailed analysis of AB’s acquired dyslexia and consider whether it constitutes a distinct form of peripheral dyslexia or whether it can be accommodated within one of the recognised categories (e.g. neglect dyslexia).