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Therapy for the injured brain.
Wilson, B. & Evans, J.
MRC News, Autumn/Winter, 36-40
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We describe a new rehabilitation centre based at the Princess of Wales Hospital, Ely - The Oliver Zangwill Centre for Neuropsychological Rehabilitation. The Centre opened as a result of a collaboration between Lifespan Healthcare NHS Trust, the MRC Applied Psychology Unit in Cambridge and the Anglia and Oxford Research and Development Initiative. The Centre offers a service to patients with brain injury aged between 16 and 64 who, despite having recovered enough to be independently mobile and free from severely disruptive behavioural disorders are still experiencing cognitive, emotional and social difficulties. Without appropriate training, these people are likely to remain dependent, isolated and unemployed, they may have problems at home, and members of their family may be barely able to cope. The Centre accepts a maximum of 15 patients at a time, each of whom attends five days a week for four or five months. In this time patients have a good chance of improving their cognitive abilities, social interaction skills, independence and raiding their self-esteem. Although the Oliver Zangwill Centre is non-residential, there is some on-site accommodation or arrangements can be made for patients to stay in local hotels. An important and possibly unique aspect of the Centre is its involvement in the development and evaluation of new methods of rehabilitation.