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Simulator-based safety assessments of in-vehicle driver-support technology: an exploratory study using autonomous intelligence cruise control.
Brown, I.D. & Nimmo-Smith, I.
Confidental report on Contract No. DPU 9/81/2 for the Vehicle Safety and Engineering Division of the Department of Transport
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A study is reported of the cost-effectiveness with which safety assessments could be made of prototype, technological, in-vehicle driver-support systems using driving simulators. Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control (AICC) was assessed as an example of such technology which has reached the near-market stage of development. The appropriateness of level of simulator sophistication required in such work was explored by replicating the study at the Human Sciences and Advanced Technology Institute, Loughborough, the Transport Research Laboratory, Crowthorne, Berkshire, and the Swedish Road and Traffic Research Institute, Linkoping, Sweden. The findings of the study are currently confidential to the Department of Transport and the system's manufacturer, but a presentation of the report is planned for an international meeting during 1997.