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A new non-residential service.
Wilson, B.A.
Headway News, Summer 1995, pp. 5-7
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Lifespan National Healthcare NHS Trust, in collaboration with the Medical Research Council's Applied Psychology Unit, opened a new rehabilitation centre at the Princess of Wales Hospital, Ely, Cambridgeshire in September 1996. The service is for patients aged 16-64 years who have sustained non-progressive brain injury and who require rehabilitation services. The emphasis of the programme is on the remediation and management of cognitive, social and emotional deficits following brain injury. We expect patients to exhibit one or more of the following: — cognitive deficits (problems with memory, thinking, attention, language, perception, problem solving, planning and organisation); — impulsive behaviour; — socially awkward or inappropriate behaviour, or social isolation; — unawareness of the extent of their difficulties. The centre will admit people who, despite poor insight, poor self control, social skills deficits and cognitive impairments, show potential for returning to work or for increasing their independence. The emphasis will be on the remediation and management of cognitive, social and emotional deficits. Programmes will be designed for patients who have some (albeit vague and limited) awareness that they require help, and who exhibit mild behaviour problems rather than those regarded as severely disruptive or violent. All patients should have potential for improvement in cognitive and social functioning.