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Implicit learning in amnesic subjects: A comparison with a large group of normal control subjects.
Wilson, B.A., Green, R., Teasdale, T., Beckers, K., Della Sala, S., Kaschel, R., Schuri, U., van der Linden, M. & Weber, E.
The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 10, 279-292
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We assessed 136 normal control subjects and between 12 and 16 mnesic subjects on three tests of indirect memory. The three tests were a perceptual priming test (fragmented pictures), an auditory priming test to determine preference for novel or previously heard melodies (Korean melodies), and a motor skill learning test (mirror tracing). We have established normative data for these tasks and demonstrated that amnesic subjects tend to be poorer than controls in general but show a similar pattern of learning over time.