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Connectionist modelling of short-term memory
Norris, D., Page, M. & Baddeley, A.D.
Language and Cognitive Processes, 10, 407-409
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"Connectionist modelling of Short-term memory". The project represents the first stage in a research effort directed at developing a detailed computational model of working memory. The bulk of the empirical data supporting the working memory model (Baddeley, 1986) has been derived from experimental tasks involving order recall of short lists of items. For that reason, combined with the fact that the problem of modelling memory for serial order represents a considerable intellectual challenge in its own right, we have begun our efforts by attempting to model ordered recall in short term memory. Our aim has been to be able to give a detailed quantitative account of the basic experimental data on ordered recall from short term memory. From our perspective this means being able to explain the form of the serial position curve (primacy and recency), effects of list length and word length, and effects of phonological similarity and grouping. However, in contrast to most theories which have simply set themselves the goal of explaining how such factors influence the shape of the serial position curve, we have set ourselves the task of explaining the full pattern of errors in recall, including errors of both transposition and omission.