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Real time blending of data streams: A key problem for the cognitive modelling of multimodal systems.
Barnard, P.J. & May, J.
AMODEUS working Paper UM/WP 10; May 1993, pp 25. Constituent part of scientific deliverable D2 associated with 2963.
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This paper applies Interacting Cognitive Subsystems to issues associated with the multimodal integration of information. The paper briefly describes those parts of the theory that are pertinent. It examines the relevant literature both on the integration of sources of information within a modality as well as a wide range of cases involving multimodal sources. The paper develops and structures the specific design issues and provides concrete pointers to the form and content of likely ICS analyses. Some surprising results emerge from these preliminary analyses. Foremost among these are speculations about the extensive part played by central representations in controlling what, at first sight, might appear to be purely peripheral forms of multimodal integration.