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AMODEUS 2: ESPRIT Basic Research Action 7040, Periodic Progress Report 2, and Associated Scientific Deliverables.
Barnard, P.J. (Ed.)
Brussels: CEC, July.
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This document is the second report of the second in the series of AMODEUS projects funded under the programme of ESPRIT Basic Research. The first project focused upon the development of interdisciplinary modelling approaches. The second project places more emphasis upon the practical utilisation of modelling techniques within the process of design. This report summarises progress made in the first year of the project. The project reports several significant extensions to basic cognitive modelling techniques to formal models to the interactive behaviour of computer systems. The relevant extensions enable the models to deal with dynamic graphic environments and multimodal communication. The project has developed means of representing key issues in complex design problems. More than 200 papers from this project are available electronically in pub/