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Integrating user requirements and system specification.
Blandford, A., Harrison, M.D. & Barnard, P.J.
In P.F. Byerley, P.J. Barnard & J. May (Eds.), Computers, Communication and Usability: Design Issues, Research and Methods for Integrated Services (pp. 165-196). Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Publishers, B.V.
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This paper is concerned with the specification of requirements in interactive systems that relate to the properties of the interactive system in the context of all the activities and processes that are underway within the system. We are interested in the mechanisms by which these requirements can be incorporated into the design and implementation of an interactive system. The paper introduces a framework for thinking about interactive systems in a way that is not biased by particular device concerns. We illustrate our approach through a series of progressively more complex examples. Interaction requirements that relate to walk up and use systems, multi-windowed systems and dynamic systems such as power stations are considered. We show how models provide different representations into which advice from the different disciplines of human computer interactions may be applied. What is required is a means by which these different approaches may be factored into the design of the computer system.