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Cognitive modelling for user requirements.
Barnard, P.J. & May, J.
In P.F. Byerley, P.J. Barnard & J. May (Eds.), Computers, Communication and Usability: Design Issues, Research and Methods for Integrated Services (pp. 101-145). Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Publishers, B.V.
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After a brief introductory section on an applied science strategy, this book chapter summarises the Interacting Cognitive Subsystems architecture for human perception, cognition and action. It then goes on to show how such an architecture can be used to derive approximate models of human cognitive activity with appropriate form and content for supporting practical decision making in a design context. The core constructs for designing an expert system to model cognitive activity are described in some detail. A simple, but practical, design example is used to illustrate the potential value of the approach.