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Wilson, B.A. & Robertson, I.H.
Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 2, 1-2.
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There has been relatively little advance in our understanding of the basic mechanisms of neuropsychological rehabilitation since Luria's classic text "Recovery of Function after Brain Injury". As the debate between Wilson and Patterson (1990) and Seron (1992) illustrates, the nature of the link between cognitive neuropsychological theory on the one hand and the practice of rehabilitation on the other is far from being firmly established. We need to work towards generalisable models of how neuro-psychological rehabilitation produces the results it does. The journal must publish papers with both a relatively atheoretical clinical emphasis and papers with a strong theoretical orientation but little obvious direct clinical applicability and continue to publish papers on methods of assessment, as well as provide a forum for the discussion of therapeutic methods which have not yet been put to empirical test.