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Affect, Cognition and Change.
Teasdale, J.D. & Barnard, P.J.
Hove: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
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Moods powerfully bias what we think, remember and perceive. This book traces the development of recent experimental, clinical, and theoretical approaches to understanding mood-dependent cognition, and describes a radically new conceptual framework - Interacting Cognitive Subsystems (ICS). ICS distinguishes two levels of meaning, one specific, the other holistic and integrative, and proposes that only holistic meanings are directly linked to affect. In this way ICS provides better explanations for patterns of experimental findings, for contrasts between "hot" and "cold" cognition, "knowing with the head" versus "knowing with the heart", and for central aspects of psychotherapeutic change. ICS is illustrated by application to experimental findings of mood effects on memory and judgment, to understanding negative thought production and the maintenance of depression, and to cognitive-behavioural and experiential forms of psychological treatment.