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Single-case experimental designs in neuropsychological rehabilitation.
Wilson, B.A.
In B.P. Rourke, L. Costa, D. Cicchetti, K.M. Adams & K.J. Plasterk (Eds.), Methodological and Biostatistical Foundations of Clinical Neuropsychology (pp. 112-130). Lisse, Amsterdam: Swets & Zeitlinger. [Reprinted from 1987]
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It is becoming accepted that single-case studies can offer important contributions to theoretical aspects of neuropsychology. Such recognition has not been so forthcoming in the field of rehabilitation, where single-case studies can be employed to evaluate neuropsychological treatments. This paper describes behavioural approaches to treatment of the neurologically impaired which include single-case experimental designs that have originated in the field of behavioural psychology. Examples of behaviour programmes for the treatment of apraxia and alexia are provided together with examples of single-case experimental designs used to evaluate memory therapy. The paper concludes with a brief discussion of the role of statistics in single-case studies.