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Influencing behaviour via device representation: Decreasing performance by increasing instruction.
Duff, S.C. & Barnard, P.J.
In D. Diaper, D. Gilmore, G. Cockton & B. Shackel (Eds.), Human-Computer Interaction - INTERACT '90 (pp. 61-66). Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Publishers, B.V.
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Several studies including those of Duff (1989) suggest that prior knowledge plays a crucial role in learning operating procedures and problem solving with computer based systems. This paper tests a counter-intuitive prediction derived from Barnard's (1987) Cognitive Task Analysis. The analysis predicts that the advantageous effects of device knowledge can be offset by providing users with additional procedural instructions during the learning phase. Experimental evidence in support of this prediction comes from users learning to control a simple laboratory application.