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Characterising structural and dynamic aspects of the interpretation of visual interface objects.
May, J., Barnard, P.J., Boecker, M. & Green, A.J.
In ESPRIT '90 Conference Proceedings (pp. 819-834), Brussels (November 1990), Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers.
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This paper reports work carried out under the AMODEUS project (BRA 3066), which seeks to develop interdisciplinary approaches to studying interactions between users and systems. One of the main objectives is to extend the scope of user and system modelling techniques, and this paper describes the approach being taken towards the implementation of an expert system which would be able to evaluate interface designs, by producing predictions about user behaviour and consequent 'ease of use'. It is proposed that the problem of constructing an expert system which is able to generalise to novel interface designs can be solved by eliciting information about the structural and dynamic aspects of the interface. This paper describes the central ideas behind the approach, those of the psychological subject of an interface object and its psychological predicate, and the thematic transitions that occur in interactions when the psychological subject changes.