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Integrating cognitive and system models in Human Computer Interaction.
Barnard, P. & Harrison, M.
In A. Sutcliffe & L. Macaulay (Eds.), People and Computers V (pp. 87-103). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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System and user modelling are means of improving the usability of interactive systems, enabling designers to discuss features of the system and implementers to produce full and coherent implementations. Both types of modelling have something to say about the usability of interface and content that can be capitalised in design. However the apparatus is fundamentally different in each case. Here we are concerned with the central problem of bridging the gaps between psychological representations of user behaviour and formal descriptions of how the computer system behaves. We argue that a third framework is required, the interaction framework, that will incorporate appropriate concepts and principles for representing properties of conjoint user-system behaviour. We propose an agenda for developing such a framework. The purpose of this paper is to stimulate discussion rather than present a concrete proposal.