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Command names.
Barnard, P. & Grudin, J.
In M. Helander (Ed.), Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction (pp.237-255). Elsevier Science Publishers, B.V. (North-Holland). (See also N.I. 2201)
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This handbook chapter examines the conceptual space for addressing empirical work on the use of command namesets - what is the designer's task? what do designers need to address when constructing names in designing an application or system? It reviews descriptive studies that address two questions: What in general characterizes the naming behaviour of users? What do system designers actually do in designing namesets? It then reviews experimental evidence as it addresses these issues. Command name and abbreviation guidelines are examined as are design tools and design models. These are re-considered in light of what we have learned about context-dependent aspects of user goals and strategies. Finally, we identify several important aspects of command name design that are as yet largely unaddressed by experimental research.