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Trials, tribulations and triumphs in the development of a test of everyday memory.
Wilson, B.A., Baddeley, A.D. & Cockburn, J.
In M.M. Gruneberg, P. Morris & R.N. Sykes (Eds.), Practical Aspects of Memory: Current Research and Issues, Vol. 2: Clinical and Educational Implications (pp. 249-254). Chichester: John Wiley.
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In recent years there has been an increase in the development of ecologically valid assessment procedures. While it is true to say that conventional tests that have been available within the field of memory assessment answer certain questions effectively, it is also recognised that they fail to answer other questions, particular those relating to the effects of memory impairment on everyday life. This paper reports some of the difficulties and successes encountered in an attempt to produce a test that would answer some of the questions connected with everyday memory performance. The paper discusses the authors' reasons for embarking upon such a project, criteria for selection of test items, major obstacles that had to be overcome and how they were tackled, outcomes, and possible future developments.