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The processes underlying segmental analysis.
Gathercole, S.E. & Baddeley, A.D.
CPC: Cahiers de Psychologie Cognitive, European Bulletin of Cognitive Psychology, 7, 462-464.
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In the context of a conceptual framework which decomposes segmental analysis into constituent skills, Morais, Alegria and Content (1987) have proposed that basic speech analytic skills may have important consequences for the development of higher-level linguistic skills. Data are reported here which both supports and extends this proposal. A study of a group of language-disordered children has shown that these children have impaired immediate recall of spoken sequences, and are poorer at discriminating and repeating spoken nonwords. Our interpretation of these results is that language-disordered children are impaired in the processes involved in representing and manipulating phonological material, and that these basic speech skills are critical components for the development of higher-level verbal skills such as reading or vocabulary acquisition.