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A note on the role of phonological expectations in speech segmentation.
Cutler, A., Norris, D. & Williams, J.N.
Journal of Memory and Language, 26, 480-487.
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Word-initial CVC syllables are detected faster in words beginning consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel (CVCV-) than in words beginning consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant (CVCC-). This effect was reported independently by M. Taft and G. Hambly (1985, Journal of Memory and Language, 24, 320-335) and by A. Cutler, J. Mehler, D. Norris and J. Segui (1986, Journal of Memory and Language, 25, 385-400). Taft and Hambly explained the effect in terms of lexical factors. This explanation cannot account for Cutler et al. results, in which the effect also appeared with nonwords and foreign words. Cutler et al. suggested that CVCV- sequences might simply be easier to perceive than CVCC- sequences. The present study confirms this suggestion, and explains it as a reflection of listener expectations constructed on the basis of distributional characteristics of the language.