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The elicitation of system knowledge by picture probes.
Barnard, P.J., Wilson, M. & MacLean, A.
In Proceedings CHI ‘86 Human Factors in Computer Systems (pp.235-240), (Boston, April 13-17, 1986). New York: ACM. (See also 1914)
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A technique is described in which a user’s knowledge of a software package is elicited by meass of a series of photographs depicting the system in a variety of states. The resultant verbal protocols were codified and scored in relation to the way in which the system actually worked. In the illustrative study described, the probes were administered twice after 5 and 10 hrs of system experience with office product (VisiOn*). The number of true claims elicited increased with experience but the number of false claims remained stable. The potential value of the technique and its output are discussed. *VisiOn is a trademark of VisiCorp.