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Knowledge-based task analysis for human-computer systems.
Wilson, M., Barnard, P., Green, T.R.G. & MacLean, A.
In G. Van der Veer, T.R.G. Green, J.M. Hoc & D. Murray (Eds.), Working with Computers: Theory Versus Outcome (pp.47-87). London: Academic Press Ltd.
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The interaction of people with computers presents novel problems for task analysis. This report reviews forms of task analysis.The metodologies examined have been developed specifically to analyse the knowledge intensive tasks in human computer interaction. Each analysis methodology is described and then discussed under four headings: Knowledge, User Centered Task Dynamics, Cognitive Limitations built into the approach, and pragmatic issues associated with the Use of the Technique. Each of the analyses tends to focus on a restricted subset of task characteristics. However, the different approaches can be viewed as complementary. The individual methodologies differ in their objectives, their points of departure and their output. The grounds on which analysts should select techniques appropriate for their purposes are discussed.