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Peter Watson
Research staff, Methods group
01223 273712

I have been providing statistical support in various ways to the research at CBSU (and its predecessor, the Applied Psychology Unit) since 1994 (and prior to that fulfilling a similar role at the MRC Age and Cognitive Performance Research Centre in Manchester). Part of this support involves giving Graduate Statistics lectures each Michaelmas term and recording solutions given to problems arising in the 'frequently asked questions' section on our statswiki resulting from individual consultations. The problems over this period have been many and varied and have led to the production of norms for memory tests, production of, and presentation of, tutorial materials at external courses, particularly for the SPSS users group, maintaining a statistical bibliography, encouraging and providing programs for statistical analyses, particularly in SPSS, R and EXCEL, acting as a journal referee and contributing authored sections to papers, books and grant proposals.

I have also been secretary, since 1996, of the Cambridge Statistics Discussion Group and chair and meetings organiser for the SPSS and R users group (ASSESS) since 2001.

Other roles involve undergoing regular AED and first aid training, acting as a fire monitor, tea/coffee club treasurer, UMC committee member and assisting at social events, particularly at the annual Christmas Party.

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