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My background is in engineering, medicine and neuroscience, with my higher education and early career research experience taking place on both sides of the Atlantic. My multidisciplinary background is reflected both in the broad list of my scientific interests and in my approach to research. Presently, I am Lab Manager at the MRC Cognition and Brain Unit in the Visual Objects Lab working with Dr Nikolaus Kriegeskorte. In general, I am interested in investigating high-level visual representations using behavioural experiments and neuroimaging techniques. Currently, my research focus on developing an online platform for multi-arrangement task. I occasionally work as independent scientific consultant and problem solver.
I obtained an MSc in Biomedical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan (Italy). In 2010, I finished my PhD on the interaction between shape, colour and texture of familiar object relative to colour constancy and colour memory (supervised by Professor Anya Hurlbert at Newcastle University). From 2010-2014, I carried out a pioneer project on thalamic visual prosthesis at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, with the main aim of restoring vision in blind individuals.
  • A list of my most relevant papers can be foundĀ here.