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Mengya Zhang
Graduate student
01223 769905

My main research interests are the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying higher-order cognition, with a particular focus on attention and memory. I develop novel behavioural assessments and cognitive training paradigms, combined with imaging (e.g. MRI and MEG) techniques to address questions related to individual differences, neural correlates and training effects.

I’m also interested in exploring novel experimental and analytical tools including online data collection, machine learning (e.g. self-organizing map and k-mean clustering) and neural network models to aid the line of enquiries.

CBSU publications
BRKIC, D., Hawkins, E., AKARCA, D., ZHANG, M. , Woolrich, M., BAKER, K., ASTLE, D. (2019) Functional network dynamics in a neurodevelopmental disorder of known genetic origin, Human Brain Mapping, 41(2):530-544 [Open Access]

ASTLE, D., ZHANG, M. , RENNIE, J.M, BATHELT, J., HAWKINS, R. (2019) Mapping differential responses to cognitive training using machine learning, Developmental Science, 23(4):e12868 [Open Access]

BATHELT, J., ZHANG, M. , JOHNSON, A., ASTLE, D. (2019) The cingulum as a marker of individual differences in neurocognitive development, Scientific Reports, 9(1), 2281 [Open Access]

Yang, J., Weng, X., Guan, L., Kuang, P., Zhang, M. , Sun, W., Yu, S., & PATTERSON, K. (2003) Involvement of the medial temporal lobe in priming for new associations, Neuropsychologia, 41(7), 818-829 [Read More]