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Matti Stenroos
I have now left the CBSU but can be contacted at the email address above
CBSU publications
HAUK, O. & STENROOS, M. (2014) A framework for the design of flexible cross-talk functions for spatial filtering of EEG/MEG data: , Human Brain Mapping, 35(4), 1642-1653 [Read More]

STENROOS, M. , HAUK, O. (2013) Minimum-norm cortical source estimation in layered head models is robust against skull conductivity error, NeuroImage, 81, 265-272 [Open Access]

STENROOS, M. , Sarvas, J (2012) Bioelectromagnetic forward problem: isolated source approach revis(it)ed, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 57(11), 3517-3535 [Read More]