Joni Holmes
Research staff, Memory and perception group
01223 273765
  • Working memory, executive function and attention
  • Cognitive developmental disorders
  • Working memory training

I am interested in the overlap between working memory, attention and executive function processes in children and adults. My research has focussed on the role of working memory in children's mathematical skills, and on understanding the cognitive and behavioural profiles of children with disorders of memory and attention. I am currently interested in understanding the core deficits that predispose individuals to cognitive developmental disorders, and am developing and evaluating targeted interventions to overcome these difficulties.


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  2013-2014 Using transcranial electrical stimulation to enhance the effects of cognitive training (£35k). MRC Directors Strategic Fund, J Holmes & M Ewbank.

 2012-2015 Computerised training of working memory (Cogmed RM) in children who have survived a traumatic brain injury: A randomised controlled trial. (£125K). Action Medical Research. A Adlam, L Shepston, S Gathercole, J Holmes, F Gracey

2011-2013 Working memory training (Cogmed RM) following paediatric acquired brain injury: a pilot study (£7k). British Academy: A Adlam, SE Gathercole, J Holmes

2010-2011 Making working memory really work (£125k). ESRC: SE Gathercole, J Holmes.

2010-2010 The effects of cognitive training on cognitive performance of young people at increased risk of depression: a pilot study. (£7K). Oxfordshire Health Services Research Committee (OHSRC). Z Mannie, P Cowan, J Holmes.

2009-2010 Improving working memory for children with Down Syndrome (£44k). Bailey Thomas Charitable Fund: SJ Bennett, S Buckley, J Holmes, SE Gathercole.

2007-2008 An evaluation of a computerised working memory training programme in children who receive stimulant medication for ADHD (£125k). British Academy: J Holmes, SE Gathercole.

2001-2004 Working memory and children's mathematical skills. (£24k). Departmental Studentship, University of Durham: J Holmes.

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