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Elizabeth Appiah-Kusi
Research staff, Emotion group
01223 355 294

I am a research assistant working on the Imaginator trial. Imaginator is a trial which offers a short psychological intervention to individuals who self-harm to try and reduce their self-harming behaviour. The study is led Dr Martina Di Simplicio and is funded by the NIHR’s Collaboration for leadership in applied health research and care, East of England. I work on this project part-time and I work part-time at King’s College London completing my PhD examining cannabinoids and stress in the context of psychosis.


Appiah-Kusi, E., Fisher, H.L., Petros, N., Wilson, R., Mondelli, V., Garety, P. A., McGuire, P., & Bhattacharyya, S. (2017). Do cognitive schema mediate the association between childhood trauma and being at ultra-high risk for psychosis? Journal of Psychiatric Research. 88, p.89-96./p>

Appiah-Kusi, E., Leyden, E., Parmar, S., Mondelli, V., McGuire, P., & Bhattacharyya, S. (2015) Abnormalities in neuroendocrine stress response in psychosis: the role of endocannabinoids. Psychological Medicine. 46, 1, p.27-45

Fisher, H.L., Appiah-Kusi, E., Grant, C. (2012). Depression and anxiety mediate the association between childhood maltreatment and paranoia. Psychiatry Research. 196, 2-3, p. 323-324

Conference presentations:

2016 – Poster: Effects of cannabidiol treatment on cortisol response to social stress in subjects at high risk of developing psychosis | The 46th International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology Conference, Miami, FL

2016 – Poster: Childhood Trauma and the Risk for Psychosis | The 10th International Conference on Early Intervention in Mental Health, Milan, Italy

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