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Darren Dunning
Research staff
01223 769441
CBSU publications
GATHERCOLE, S.E., DUNNING, D. L., HOLMES, J., NORRIS, D.G. (2019) Working memory training involves learning new skills, Journal of Memory and Language, Journal of Memory and Language, 105, 19-42 [Open Access]

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GATHERCOLE, S.E., DUNNING, D. L., HOLMES, J., NORRIS, D.G. (2018) Feature coding dataset for trained and untrained working memory tasks in randomized controlled trials of working memory training., Data in Brief, 21, 2129-2133 [Open Access]

DUNNING, D. , HOLMES, J. (2014) Does working memory training promote the use of strategies on untrained working memory tasks?, Memory & Cognition, 42(6), 854-862 [Open Access]

Dunning, D. L., HOLMES, J., & GATHERCOLE, S. (2013) Does working memory training lead to generalised improvements in children with low working memory? A randomised controlled trial, Developmental Science, 16(6), 915-926 [Open Access]

GATHERCOLE, S.E. Dunning, D. , HOLMES, J. (2012) Cogmed training: Let’s be realistic about intervention research, Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 1(3), 201-203 [Open Access]