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Camilla Nord
Research staff, Emotion group
01223 767481

I am an Investigator Scientist on the Cognition, Emotion, and Mental Health Programme. My research investigates the brain basis of neuropsychiatric disorders: what changes in our brain during periods of mental ill-health? How does the way our brains process the world make us more or less susceptible to developing a mental health disorder? And finally, how can we capitalise on the tools of neuroscience - brain imaging, brain stimulation, computational modelling - to improve our ability to treat mental health disorders?

To answer these questions, I conduct three types of experiments:

  • Basic neuroscience experiments investigating how we make decisions, process rewards and emotions, and other cognitive mechanisms important for maintaining mental health (e.g., this MR imaging study in adolescents, or this behavioural study)
  • Clinical experiments in patient populations, such as people suffering from major depressive disorder, to investigate brain and behavioural differences that occur as a result of a mental health condition (e.g., this fMRI study, or this behavioural study)
  • Translational/intervention studies testing out new ways of treating mental health disorders (such as this trial of a new treatment for depression or this experimental study of a new type of brain stimulation) 


I also have an interest in methodological issues affecting neuroscience and psychiatry - see my work on statistical power and imaging reliability (here and here).


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