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Becky Gilbert
Research staff, Hearing and language group
01223 355 294

My primary role in the Unit is to facilitate methods for running web-based (online) experiments. This involves the development of programs that run in a web browser (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) and administration of server-side tools. I also collaborate with other researchers to consult on web-based experimental design, data collection, and data processing.

My research interests relate to speech perception and comprehension. I'm a member of the Hearing & Language Group, supervised by Matt Davis. Before joining the CBU I was a postdoctoral researcher in Jenni Rodd’s lab at UCL, where I investigated the learning mechanisms involved in lexical-semantic ambiguity resolution.

I’m also interested in the role of speech timing/rhythm in short-term memory. During my PhD at the University of York, supervised by Tom Hartley and Graham Hitch, I studied short-term memory for the timing and order of spoken word sequences.


  • Lexical-semantic ambiguity
  • Short-term memory for serial order and timing
  • Auditory timing/rhythm perception and language development
  • Methods: mixed-effects modelling, computational modelling, EEG

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