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Ausaf Farooqui
Research staff, Executive processes group
01223 355294 x.597
CBSU publications
FAROOQUI, A. , MANLY, T. (2015) Anticipatory Control through Associative Learning of Subliminal Relations: Invisible may be better than Visible, Psychological Science, 26(3), 325-334 [Read More]

FAROOQUI, A. , MITCHELL, D., THOMPSON, R., DUNCAN, J. (2012) Hierarchical Organization of Cognition Reflected in Distributed Frontoparietal Activity, Journal of Neuroscience, 32(48), 17373-17381 [Read More]

FAROOQUI, A. A., Tahir, M., Jaiswal, A., Usmani, N,M Sinha, S. (2009) Oculomotor palsy following varicella in an immunocompetent adult, Southern Medical Journal, 102(4), 445 [Read More]