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Amy Johnson
Graduate student, Executive processes group
01223 355 294
CBSU publications
BATHELT, J., ZHANG, Z., JOHNSON, A. , ASTLE, D. (In Press) The cingulum as a marker of individual differences in neurocognitive development, Scientific Reports [Read More]

BATHELT, J., GATHERCOLE, S., JOHNSON, A. , ASTLE, D. (2018) Differences in brain morphology and working memory capacity across childhood, Developmental Science [Open Access]

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NOREIKA, V., CANALAES-JOHNSON, A. , Koh, J., Taylor, M., Massey, I and BEKINSCHTEIN, T.A. (2015) Intrusions of a drowsy mind: Neural markers of phenomenological unpredictability, Consciousness Research, 6:202 [Open Access]

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Paykel, E.S., Scott, J., TEASDALE, J.D., Johnson, A. L., Garland, A., Moore, R., Jenaway, A., Cornwall, P.L., Hayhurst, H., Abbott, R. & Pope, M. (1999) Prevention of relapse in residual depression by cognitive therapy: A controlled trial., Archives of General Psychiatry, 1999, 56, 829-835. [Read More]