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  Just some of the famous scientists who have spent time at the MRC Applied Psychology Unit (APU) / Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit (CBU)...  
Alan Baddeley, CBE, FRS, FMedSci   Working memory
Sir Frederick Bartlett, FRS   Schema theory/memory
Dorothy Bishop, FRS, FBA, FMedSci   Language disorders in children
Donald Broadbent, FRS   Information processing
Dame Victoria Bruce, DBE, CPsychol, FBPsS, FRSE, FBA   Face perception
Kenneth Craik   Computer models of brain
Anne Cutler, FRS   Speech perception
Richard Gregory, CBE, FRS, FRSE   Illusions
William Hick   Processing speed (Hick's Law)
Geoff Hinton, FRS   Connectionist modelling
Phil Johnson-laird, FBA, FRS   Mental models
Daniel Kahneman, Nobel laureate   Decision-making
William Marslen-Wilson, FBA   Speech perception
John Morton, FRS   Information processing
Adrian Owen   Neural correlates of consciousness
Karalyn Patterson, FRS, FBA, FMedSci   Neuropsychology
Pat Rabbitt   Aging research
Tim Shallice, FBA, FRS   Neuropsychology
John Teasdale, FBA, MBCT   Clinical applications of cognitive psychology
Mark Williams, FBA, MBCT   Autobiographical memory
David Shanks   Associative Learning
Barbara Wilson, OBE   Cognitive rehabilitation
Andy Young, FBA   Face processing