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Alexandra Woolgar
Programme leader
01223 767704
Research Programme:

We study the neural basis for flexible cognitive control, underpinning the incredible human capacity for diverse and flexible behaviour.

Our research uses multivariate analysis of fMRI, E/MEG, and combined TMS-fMRI data. We are particularly interested in how information from the world is represented, exchanged, and transformed between brain regions and how (and whether!) the activation patterns we decode give rise to thought and behaviour.

We focus on frontoparietal “multiple-demand” (MD) brain regions which are involved in a wide range of tasks. These regions appear to prioritise coding of task-relevant information, providing a neural basis for selective attention. Projects examine the flexibility of the system, the relationship with visual cortices, and the links between MD coding and behaviour.

Separately, we are developing methods to study language processing in children with Autism who do not speak. We aim to use neuroimaging to examine receptive language ability in this understudied population.

Our lab currently spans two institutions: the CBU and Macquarie University, Sydney (MQ) where I hold an honorary associate professorship.

You can find out more about our research, lab members and news at


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CBSU publications
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