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Alexander Irvine
Graduate Student
01223 769902
I'm a Cognitive Neuroscientist, with an interest in attention, child development, and data science. I am undertaking a PhD in Biological Science (Cognitive Neuroscience) at St Catharine's College, University of Cambridge, with a studentship from the Templeton World Charity Foundation and the Medical Research Council.

I am a Developer for, a technical consultancy for behavioural web research. I primarily work on their Gorilla platform - which provides cloud-based behavioural research experiment design and hosting.

My current projects include: development of web-based and device-based cognitive tasks and apps for large-scale data collection, Eye tracking and Virtual Reality as an experimental tool.

My personal website is available here:


CBSU publications
DALMAIJER, E., BIGNARDI, G., ANWYL-IRVINE, A. , SIUGZDAITE, R. SMITH, T., UH, S., Johnson, A., ASTLE, D. (2021) Direct and indirect links between children’s socio-economic status and education: pathways via mental health, attitude, and cognition, Current Psychology (2021) [Open Access]

ANWYL-IRVINE, A. , DALMAIJER, E.S., Quinn, A., Johnson, A. and ASTLE, D.E. (2021) Subjective SES is associated with children’s neurophysiological response to auditory oddballs, Cerebral Cortex Communications, 2(1), tgaa092 [Open Access]

BIGNARDI, G., DALMAIJER, E.S., ANWYL-IRVINE, A. , SMITH, T., SIUGZDAITE, R., UH, S., ASTLE, D. (2021) Longitudinal increases in childhood depression symptoms during the COVID-19 lockdown, Archives of Diseases in Childhood, 106(8), 791-797 [Open Access]

ANWYL-IRVINE, A. , DALMAIJER, E.S., Hodges, N., Evershed, J.K. (2020) Realistic precision & accuracy of online experiment platforms, web-browsers, and devices, Behaviour Research Methods (2020) [Open Access]

BIGNARDI, G., DALMAIJER, E.S., ANWYL-IRVINE, A. , and ASTLE, D.E. (2020) Collecting Big Data with Small Screens: Group-Tests of Children’s Cognition with Touchscreen Tablets are Reliable and Valid, Behaviour Research Methods, 2 Dec 2020 [Open Access]