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Ajay Halai
Research Staff
01223 767655
CBSU publications
ALYAHYA, R.S.W., HALAI, A. D., Conroy, P., LAMBON RALPH, M.A. (In Press) Content word production during discourse in aphasia: Deficits in word quantity, not lexical-semantic complexity, Neuropsychopharmacology Reviews [Open Access]

Rounis, E., HALAI, A. , Pizzamiglio, G., LAMBON RALPH, M.A. (In Press) Characterising factors underlying praxis deficits in chronic left hemisphere stroke patients, Cortex [Read More]

Alyahy, R.S.W., Conroy, P., HALAI, A. D., LAMBON RALPH, M.A. (In Press) An Efficient, Accurate and Clinically-Applicable Index of Content Word Fluency in Aphasia, Aphasiology [Open Access]

Ingram, R.U., HALAI, A. D., Pobric, G., PATTERSON, K., LAMBON RALPH, M.A. (In Press) Graded, multi dimensional intragroup and intergroup variations in primary progressive aphasia and post stroke aphasia, Brain [Open Access]

Alyahya, R.S.W., HALAI, A. D., Conroy, P., Lambon Ralph, M.A. (2020) Mapping psycholinguistic features to the neuropsychological and lesion profiles in aphasia, Cortex, 124, 260-273 [Read More]

Schumacher, R., Bruehl, S., HALAI, A. , LAMBON RALPH, M.A (2020) The verbal, nonverbal and structural bases of functional communication abilities in aphasia, Brain Communications, 2(2):fcaa118 [Open Access]

ZHAO, Y., HALAI, A. , LAMBON RALPH, M.A. (2020) Evaluating the granularity and statistical structure of lesions and behaviour in post-stroke aphasia, Brain Communications, 19 May 2020, 2(2):fcaa062 [Open Access]

HALAI, A. , Woollams, A., LAMBON RALPH, M.A. (2020) Investigating the effect of changing parameters when building prediction models in post-stroke aphasia., Nature Human Behaviour, 4(7):725-735 [Open Access]

ALYAHYA, R., HALAI, A. , Conroy, P., LAMBON RALPH, M. (2020) A unified model of post-stroke language deficits including discourse production and their neural correlates, Brain, 143(5) 1541-1554 [Open Access]

Busby, N., HALAI, A. D., Parker, G.J.M., Coop, D.J.M., LAMBON RALPH, M.A. (2019) Mapping whole brain connectivity changes: The potential impact of different surgical resection approaches for temporal lobe epilepsy, Cortex, 113, April 2019, 1-14 [Open Access]

Stefaniak, J.D., HALAI, A. D., LAMBON RALPH, M.A. (2019) The neural and neurocomputational bases of recovery from post-stroke aphasia., Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 16(1), 43-55 [Read More]

Schumacher, R., HALAI, A. D., LAMBON-RALPH, M. (2019) Assessing and mapping language, attention and executive multidimensional deficits in stroke aphasia, Brain, 142(10), 3202-3216 [Open Access]