International Conference on Working Memory

IMG_6315International Conference on Working Memory

Cambridge, 9th – 11th July 2014

This conference is being held in celebration of the exceptional contributions of Alan Baddeley and Graham Hitch, on the 40th anniversary of the publication of their model of working memory in 1974. The conference will cover the full range of theoretical and empirical approaches to the understanding and study of working memory.

The meeting will be held at the University Arms Hotel in central Cambridge. On the evening of the first day, there will be a garden party at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, formerly the Applied Psychology Unit, where Alan and Graham’s early work was conducted.


* Richard Allen * Ed Awh * Alan Baddeley * Pierre Barrouillet * Donna Bayliss * Valerie Camos * Andrew Conway *

* Nelson Cowan * John Duncan * Mark D’Esposito * Simon Farrell * Susan Gathercole * Graham Hitch *

*Joni Holmes * Chris Jarrold * Dylan Jones * Michael Kane * Stephan Lewandowsky * Robert Logie * Steve Majerus *

*  Kia Nobre * Dennis Norris * Klaus Oberauer * Mike Page * Brad Postle * Satoru Saito * Zachary Shipstead *

* John Towse * André Vandierendonck * Ed Vogel *

Conference organisers

Robert Logie; Susan Gathercole; Joni Holmes; Mandy Carter

Scientific Organising Committee: Alan Baddeley; Valerie Camos; Mark d’Esposito; Randy Engle; Susan Gathercole; Graham Hitch; Joni Holmes; Robert Logie; Ed Vogel


If you have any enquiries about the conference,  call +44 (0)1223 355294 and ask for Mandy Carter or Francesca Woolgar.

The programme

The conference will run from lunchtime on the 9th July until lunchtime on the 11th July. There will be a single series of talks from the invited speakers shown above, and three separate poster sessions, spread over the three days.

The provisional timetable is published here – ICWM 2014 Welcome and Programme

The talk abstracts and schedule are given here – ICWM 2014 Talk abstracts and schedule.

The poster abstracts and their time slots are given here – ICWM 2014 Poster abstracts and schedule.  All posters supplied should be A0 size and landscape orientation.  Poster boards will be available from 10am on the first morning to hang posters for the first session (12-2pm Wednesday 9th).  Posters will be cleared immediately after each session and the boards made available for the next scheduled poster presentation.


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