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Spiral VOS Final Report Part A: The Auditory Filter Bank.
Patterson, R., Nimmo-Smith, I., Holdsworth, J. & Rice, P.
CED Contract Report.
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The spiral voice operated switch (VOS) is essentially a multi-channel pitch extractor. The spiral VOS research programme has concentrated on the filterbank that creates the multi-channel representation of the sound and the spiral periodicity extractor that forms the basis of the spiral processor. In this paper we present a brief demonstration of the advantages of a multi-channel spiral VOS and then concentrate on the auditory filterbank research. Specifically, we describe the development of a "gammatone" auditory filterbank. We also assess the feasibility of producing a hardware version of the filterbank that operates in real-time, and conclude that a 32-channel version of the filterbank could be implemented on a single DSP chip, with the expectation that it would run in real-time at sampling rates up to 10 kHz.