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Roma Siugzdaite
Research Staff
01223 769403

I am interested in child development through brain - behaviour interactions in neurotypical population and in children with learning difficulties.

At MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit I work on RED (Resilience, Education and Development) project with Duncan Astle and the team. I am investigating effects of environment and genetics on developing brain using brain network models. I am trying to understand the brain mechanism of resilience and how being resilient affects education, mental health and everyday life.


CBSU publications
DALMAIJER, E., BIGNARDI, G., ANWYL-IRVINE, A., SIUGZDAITE, R. SMITH, T., UH, S., Johnson, A., ASTLE, D. (2021) Direct and indirect links between children’s socio-economic status and education: pathways via mental health, attitude, and cognition, Current Psychology (2021) [Open Access]

UH, S., DALMAIJER, E.S., SIUGZDAITE, R. , Ford, T.J., ASTLE, D.E. (2021) Two pathways to self-harm in adolescence, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 60(12), 1491-1500 [Open Access]

BIGNARDI, G., DALMAIJER, E.S., ANWYL-IRVINE, A., SMITH, T., SIUGZDAITE, R. , UH, S., ASTLE, D. (2021) Longitudinal increases in childhood depression symptoms during the COVID-19 lockdown, Archives of Diseases in Childhood, 106(8), 791-797 [Open Access]

Pappaianni, E., De Pisapia, N., SIUGZDAITE, R. , Crescentini, C., Calcagnì, A., Job, R., Grecucci, A. (2020) Less is more: Morphometric and psychological differences between low and high reappraisers., Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience, 20(1):128-140 [Open Access]

SIUGZDAITE, R. , Bathelt, J., HOLMES, J., ASTLE, D.A. (2020) Transdiagnostic brain mapping in developmental disorders, Current Biology, 30(7):1245-1257.e4 [Open Access]