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Frank Hezemans
Graduate student
01223 769905
CBSU publications
Holland,N., Jones, S., Savulich, G., Wiggins, J.K., Hong, Y.T., Fryer, T.D., Manayaki, R., Milicevic Sephton, S., Boros, I., Malpetti, M., HEZEMANS, F. H., Aigbirhio, F.I., Coles, J.P., O’Brien, J., ROWE, J.B. (In Press) Synaptic loss in primary tauopathies revealed by [11C]UCB-J positron emission tomography, Movement Disorders [Open Access]

Ye, R., Rua, C., O’Callaghan, C., Jones, S.P., HEZEMANS, F. H., Kaalund, S.S., Tsvetanov, K.A., Rodgers, C.T., Passamonti, L., ROWE, J.B. (2020) An in vivo Probabilistic Atlas of the Human Locus Coeruleus at Ultra-high Field , NeuroImage, 225:117487 [Open Access]

HEZEMANS, F. , Wolpe,N. ROWE, J.B. (2020) Alien limb syndrome: A Bayesian account of unwanted actions, Cortex, 127:29-41 [Open Access]

HEZEMANS, F. H., Wolpe, N., ROWE, J.B. (2020) Apathy is associated with reduced precision of prior beliefs about action outcomes, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 149(9), 1767-1777 [Open Access]

Savulich, G., HEZEMANS, F. H., van Ghesel, S.,Grothe, J.D., Schulten, N., Brühl, A.B., Sahakian, B.J., Robbins, T.W. (2019) Acute anxiety and autonomic arousal induced by CO2 inhalation impairs prefrontal executive functions in healthy humans, Translational Psychiatry, 9(1):296 [Open Access]