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Elise Ng-Cordell
Research staff
01223 769433
CBSU publications
ABINAYAH, J., NG-CORDELL, E., HANNA, N., BRKIC, D., BAKER, K. (In Press) The Neurodevelopmental Spectrum of Synaptic Vesicle Cycling Disorders, Journal of Neuroschemistry [Open Access]

BAKER, K., Dev ine, R., NG-CORDELL, E., Raymond, L., IMAGINE-DI Consortium, Hughes, C. (In Press) Childhood intellectual disability and parents’ mental health: Integrating social, psychological, and genetic influence, British Journal of Psychiatry [Open Access]

BAKER, K., BRK IC, D, Ng-Cordell, E., O’BRIEN, S., Scerif, G., ASTLE, D. (2020) Gene functional networks and autism spectrum characteristics in young people with intellectual disability: a dimensional phenotyping study, Molecular Autism, 11(1), 98 [Open Access]

O’BRIEN, S., NG-CORDELL, E., The DDD Study, ASTLE, D.E. Scerif, G., BAKER, K (2019) STXBP1-associated neurodevelopmental disorder: a comparative study of behavioural characteristics., Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders, 11: 17 [Open Access]